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The ThinkingHigh Performance Leaders Inc. has launched as a collaboration with HPS Consoritums to re-invent the way we grow leader's.  At HP Leaders we develop leader skills to achieve high performance cultures.   


Transformational leaders are a critical component to engaging and motivating our humans.   Through deliberate practice, we develop the skills of leaders and create alignment between them, the management system and your organization’s culture.


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Our flag ship program – the Effective Leader - uses the principles of deliberate practice and our proven successful leader development approach.   Skill development is offered through a public peer community program or through customized in house delivery.  


Program start - October 17, 2019.   Registration deadline September 20, 2019.                     


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Through successful application we have found that


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has the following attributes:

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Management System


Practical skill development by immediately applying what you learn to your own organization



Continuous Improvement


Sustaining what you implement by forming Effective Leader habits 



Think and Innovate


Go, see, engage and improve via on site support from an experienced leader


Solve Problems


Practicing what you have learned and getting step by step feedback through  one on one coaching from an expert leader


Customer Value


Learning best practice from other leaders and sharing you challenges through leader peer development communities 



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