Why HPS Consortiums are the smartest choice when you want to develop

The World’s Best Continuous Improvement Organization


Approaches to developing

a Continuous Improvement Organization


Hire a Management Consultant
  • Quick fix approach to implementation with limited support to sustain improvements
  • Limited to consultants thinking for implementation with no access to leading edge concepts and application
  • They do the work, you do not learn by doing.
  • Most expensive approach … you may not get what you pay for
Do it yourself
  • The thinking is applied in isolation with no external collaboration
  • Limited access to the World’s Best Organizations for bench marking and no help to sustain your improvements
  • Learning is limited to what you can find on your own
  • No access to an expert coach
  • Most economical approach – you get what you pay for

Join a HPS Continuous
Improvement Consortium

  • Organizational development is accelerated through external collaboration

  • Your organization will bench mark against the World’s Best to measure progress

  • We are committed to Continuous Innovation of CI Thinking so your organization gets access to leading edge concepts and application

  • You learn by doing with the support of an expert coach

  • Improvement is sustained through support of consortium members

  • Exceptional Value investment for long term results



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