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the World’s Best Continuous Improvement Organizations




Our member organizations have a life-long commitment to continuous improvement and provide the support for their people to apply what they learn from benchmarking, collaboration and exchange events.


Our strength is our members. We work with potential organizations to develop them to becoming strong contributing members.  


Here are a few ways we can help.






CI Success requires a strong Management System.

We have learned that one of the main failure points of continuous improvement implementation including Lean Thinking, is the failure of the management system to provide the right support to align the entire organization for success.  Through Organizational Systems Thinking, we provide the thinking and coaching required for your organization to build all the elements of a successful management system.


CI Success requires the application of the thinking for Lean
and CI Tools to solve problems.

We have learned the application of tools alone is not enough.  We need to apply the thinking for the tools to help our organization solve problems.  We provide the thinking and coaching required for your organization to solve problems through the application of tools.  We believe in a coach to competence approach; we provide the thinking and concepts, your organization’s people apply the concepts to learn, build confidence and implement the concept to meet your organization’s specific needs.  The Tools we can provide the thinking and coaching on include: 5S Workplace Organization, Value Stream Mapping, Problem Solving, Standardized Work, Training Within Industry.  We will also work with your team to coach you on how to run a successful CI improvement event.


We have pioneered the application of Lean and CI thinking in manufacturing, supply chain / purchasing, information flow / office, healthcare and service environments.


CI Success requires the right leadership.

We have learned that leadership is required from all levels of the organization and we provide the coaching to develop all levels of leadership.  Since 2007, our consortium Front Line Leadership Program has developed over 1000 leaders and our Senior Leadership Program has successful transformed organizations.  We will also work directly with your management team to develop them as Continuous Improvement Leaders.


CI Success requires that we know where we are today
and where we need to go.

We have learned that we need to measure to understand where we are and where we need to go.  Through our Organizational System Diagnostic, we will provide a current state view of your CI journey, where you need to go and work with you to develop an improvement plan.  We also benchmark your performance against the World’s Best.  In future diagnostics, we provide you with feedback and measurement on your progress and where you need to go to next.

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