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When Forrest Stops Running - So Does Everyone Else

What we learned in 2017 is when Forrest stops running, so does everyone else (thank you to L3 Wescam for the inspiration). From the iconic movie, after Forrest stops running, so do his followers and then lost, they ask 'what do we do now'?


Our HPS Consortium members continue to embrace Organizational Systems Thinking and are realizing strong improvements in performance. It is critical to have a strong and effective Management System that aligns to your Production (Product, Patient, Client, Consumer, Customer Flow) and your Human System.


With OST, you also need strong Transformational Leadership to support our system through Vision and Strategy Deployment. You need leadership at every level to demand transparency and support our humans to develop the thinking required for success.


Organizational System Thinking enables growth and discipline, Transformational Leadership demands and supports it.


The HPS Consortiums are keeping Forrest running through the 28 Day Leadership Challenge. What do you need to do to keep Forrest running strong in 2018?

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Scott Smith
January 16, 2024
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