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The 28 Day Personal Leadership Challenge

Three words that are misused and misunderstood - Leader, Problem Solver and Team. Just because someone is a manager does not mean they are a leader, just because someone fixes things does not mean they are a problem solver and just because humans work together, does not make them a team.


A successful Organizational System Thinking approach depends on competence in all three Human Skills.


To continue with skill development in our Consortium Community, we have launched the 28 Day Personal Leadership Challenge. The challenge focuses on using the 4 principles of Transformational Leadership to build strong leadership habits. The 4 principles are 1) Set the example 2) Holds yourself at a higher standard 3) Show discipline and control 4) Get your team to focus on the positive.


The challenge starts with a self assessment. For each principle, participants provide an example of how you demonstrate the principle and how your team would observe the principle. The reflection with help provide you with a current state view of your transformation leadership impact.


The next step in the challenge is for one of the principles develop a plan on how to improve your skill - what action you are going to take and how will that be observable for your team. For the next 28 days (it takes 28 repetitions to form a habit) journal the results - check and adjust.  


Once you complete the firsrt challenge, repeat until you become an exceptional Transformational Leader.  


Remember, every High Performance Team has Transformational Leadership at its core.


Let me know if you are up for a challenge and we can get you started on your journey.

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Scott Smith
January 16, 2024
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