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Your current Management System may be limiting your success

We all know that Lean and Continuous Improvement implementations have a very low chance of being successful over a long period of time. What many organizations don't know is why.


Working with our Continuous Improvement Consortium members we have found that those Organizations that have the right Management System are the ones that have success. In short, your Management System may be your limiting factor.

So what is the right Management System?


First of all, your management system is in place to make sure we are dong the right things for our customers (or clients or patients). It does this by providing alignment to our Vision, Strategy and Outcome Measures. It connects everyone in the organization right down to the daily work to allow them to understand how they can impact our vision. It helps our people to make really good decisions. It also provides alignment to our other two systems - the Production System (how we delivery value) and the Human System (the Right People, in the Right Place with the Right Skills and the Right Effort and Attitude).


The right Management System products the integrity of our Production System through providing stability and consistency of purpose.


Finally, it is very good at identifying and solving problems at all levels of our organizations.


The concept of how to develop the right management system is elegantly simple and is driven by the daily connections we make with our people.


What to learn more or understand how good your current Management System is? Let me know and I would be happy to come in for a Management System walk.


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Scott Smith
January 16, 2024
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