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Why do I need to fill out the idea cards?


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Idea Generation is the life blood of an organization.  


Many small improvements lead to a large impact on our organizations.  Small improvements allow our teams to experiment to find better ways.  It helps develop our teams to become great problem solvers.  It is very rewarding to see our ideas work and in place.  It connects our teams to the larger vision of the organization.  


But why do I need to fill out the card when I can just implement the change?


Sound familiar?  Here is why:

  • We work in teams and with other people.  While we may think the idea is great, we need to vet the idea with our team to possibly build on the idea and to gain consensus with our team members
  • We need to understand the impact of the change on the full process flow.  This is done by discussing the idea with our extended teams that may be affected 
  • We need to make sure that everyone understands the change and follows the new best way.  This is done by updating the standardized work for the process and training our team members on the change 





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Scott Smith
January 16, 2024
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